Negligent Security or Inadequate Security Law suits are often very complex. Cases that involve a failure to protect people in a public place such as poor lighting in a parking lot, inadequate locks on a hotel room door, blocked or unmarked exits, or even failure to hire adequate security guards can create a dangerous situation. Victims often don’t even realize they have a Negligent Security case. At the Law Office of Salu K. Kunnatha we will evaluate your case with a free consultation. If you believe you have a Negligent Security case you need an attorney that has experience in this relatively new area of law. It is essential that your attorney is willing to listen to the facts in your case, investigate fully, hire experts as necessary and aggressively fight for justice in your case. Security Negligence cases are brought against third party landlords, business owners, management or the entity responsible for securing the venue where the harm occurred.

Security negligence cases can involve a variety of incidents including but not limited to sexual assault, physical assault and shootings. The concern for security has never been higher in our nation with mass shootings occurring in high schools, video game parlors, airports, movie theaters and at outdoor concerts. We often find ourselves asking what precaution should have been taken to protect the victims from injury.

Recently, a mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, in a video game parlor resulted in the death of two young men at a national game tournament. Attorneys for the victims, along with the police, have found multiple situations that point very clearly to negligent security.  The owner of the video game parlor had allegedly blocked one of the exits in the tiny little gaming room thus making it very difficult for the larger than usual crowd to escape from the shooter that day. The fact that this gaming tournament attracted nationally known video gamers indicated the need for more security. This is one of many tragic examples of Negligent Security.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, wrongful death or sexual assault due to Negligent or Inadequate Security we are here to help. The Law Office of Salu K Kunnatha will walk you through every step of the way. Call us today for a Free Confidential Consultation 404-633-4200.


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