C. Shawn Jones Trial Lawyer
C. Shawn Jones

Trial Attorney

Attorney C. Shawn Jones is a trial lawyer with extensive experience representing individuals, families and small businesses in various matters throughout his career.  He began practicing law in 1997 after working as a paralegal while attending law school at night. He practiced law in Georgia from 1997 through 2005, at which point he relocated to the Chicago area, obtained an Illinois license, and began representing clients in the Chicago region and throughout Illinois.

In addition to his extensive experience on personal injury matters, he has represented over 200 small businesses and handled countless real estate transactions.  Shawn’s prior experience, including defense of personal injury cases, gives him an added level of experience, understanding, and wisdom when it comes to properly evaluating and preparing our clients’ cases to obtain the maximum possible compensation.  Shawn has lived and worked in Evanston for the past 16 years, and he is very active in the community.




What do past clients say?

“Salu K. Kunnatha and his staff were very professional and caring. They kept me updated with any changes regarding my case. I would recommend them to friends and family.”
C.H., Past Client
“I am very grateful to the office. They did the job very quickly since I was represented by another lawyer and there, they did not move the case. It is very good when they listen to you and give you the support you need in the moment.”
F.G., Past Client
“In my case, from the beginning I really liked the reception at the office. During the case they got me medical treatment in a timely manner. For me, the case was resolved quickly and with very good results. The best thing is that the insurance company never bothered me, and the lawyer contacted me for everything necessary. They always called me to see how I was and how I was doing. I recommend them, Thank you!”
E.J., Past Client
“We are very pleased with the work done by the lawyers because they were very diligent and attentive to us, also the personal attention was excellent. From my experience I totally recommend them. It is important to highlight the personal communication was excellent.”
R.M., Past Client
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